fredag 15 maj 2009


Yesterday we were off again and so it was time for some bureaucracy... since the Lensmann is only twice a week in town we had to go and see him to register here. Those of you living in Sweden know the system with the personnummer... now I am waiting to get a this number so that I can open a bank account and get a Norwegian mobile number. I had to take some photos for the thingy and went to a sports shop where a guy with a polaroid took the photos. He pulled down a screen in the changing room and put a chair for me outside this space - he himself almost fell into the rain gear while taking the photo. Oh - and he dreid the photos the old-fashioned way with a dryer. You see - oil doesn't necessarily mean progress :-)
The rest of the day we were sitting outside in the sun! Yes - there was sun in Norway and it was pretty warm! And actually the same today, so I guess I should get dressed! hihi

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